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If I fucked this up somehow, I apologize in advance.


1)Name: Ashley Vala(Pronounced vuhlay)
2)Age: Seven Teen
3)Location: Omaha Nebraska
4)Sexuality: Straight

5)Favorite band(s): NIN, Vast, Covenant, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada
6)Favorite movies(s): The Crow(Not like those lamer poser kids though. Brandon lee was an awesome person. This was his best movie), Welcome To The Dollhouse, Willy Wonka and The chocolate factory, Drop Dead Fred. Childs Play, Hellraiser, Nightmare on Elm Street
7)Favorite color: Orange/Neon brights
8)Favorite word: oh my god damn. it's a phrase..but it works, right?
9)Favorite outfit: Anything super comfy. Whether it be big phat pants and a spaghetti top or my stompy boots and a cute skirt with some acessories.

10)Tell us somthing interesting about yourself: I have a nasty addiction to Resident Evil.
11)How did you hear about us?: Sister Communities with plasticdolls I think.
12)Post AT LEAST 4 clear pictures of yourself:

Some of these are kind of big. Sorries. =/

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